About The Name

Rockall is the name of a small sea-rock in the Atlantic Ocean a few hundred miles from the Scottish border, which is also the name of the shipping region which surrounds it.

Why name a company after a shipping region? Well, why not! It lends itself nicely to naming our computers after the other regions — Fisher, Bailey, Dogger, Utsire, Forth and the aptly-named Fastnet, which is the name of our web server.

Our company logo was designed to reflect the nature of our business. The logo is a stylistic representation of the island itself. The central pyramid represents the strength and solidity of the rock, while the swoosh surrounding it represents the dynamic nature of the Web and the ocean.

Just like the island we hardly register on the map when compared to the size and number of other web companies out there. Nonetheless, we are still a force to be reckoned with.

You can read more about the island of Rockall here.