About Rockall Design

Rockall Design is a small company started by Jake Howlett of codestore.net fame. We create state-of-the-art web applications based, primarily, on the Lotus Domino environment.

Building on the reputation gained through years of publishing technical know-how on codestore.net, Rockall goes on to deliver this to customers and to push the limits of what Domino can do as a platform.

Despite our origins Rockall is no longer a one man operation and regularly pools the resources of not only other Domino developers, but some of the leading lights in other areas of web design, such as graphical design, accessibility, usability and information architecture.

We are small and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the customer and the demands of the project.

Our base is in the UK, although our clients and, to a certain extent, our staff are based all around the world.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how Rockall Design can help realise your projects. Please take a look around our site. We've made every effort to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Hopefully you'll notice the level of detail we apply to even the smallest of things. If you like what you see and want to get in touch, you can use the contact form.